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Exterior doors 68 and 88

We produce external doors on request in many shapes and dimensions for instance higher than 2400 mm. A wide range of fittings in our offer and professional service allow us to choose the optimal solution for each client.

Parameters of  exterior wooden doors:

  • meranti wood glued three-layer (68 mm) or four-layer (88 mm), grade I,
  • mortise lock by FUHR - doors bolt with an  additional lock, multi-point (4 points closing), controlled liner, fitted with a main lock, two hooks and an additional lock (independently open or close). The drive gear is locked and unlocked by turning the key in the main lock,
  • BAKA 2D SIMONSWERK hinges (3 pcs) with covers - hinge system adjustable on two levels to the rebated doors based on the bearings technique without maintenance,
  • seals by SCHLEGEL Q-LON (2 pcs)- two seals around the perimeter of the leaf (also at the threshold) provide maximum doors seal - the seal is a combination of flexible polyurethane foam, mounted on hard stem polypropylene coated with a durable polyethylene film. It is characterized by a large range of the seal while maintaining a small resistance when closing doors.
  • threshold wooden (oak) or aluminium by ALURON  - aluminium threshold is equipped with a thermal break which increases a thermal insulation and seal system which improves the tightness of the door,
  • glazing: safety glass + temperated glass + stopsol safety glass (triple glazing)
  • doors panel insulation - the maximum panel warming by using the insulating material coated both sides waterproof plywood thickness of 4 mm and 9 mm,
  • paint by SIKKENS - maximum protection of the wood by using five layers of protection: impregnation + backing + intermediate + two times paint,
  • doors handles with plates - the door are standard equipped with handles and nameplates by DOMINO model SPACE ( a choice of two colours: M3- brown grafiatto or M6/M9 - chrome painted / varnished nickel),
  • greenteQ drum pads (2 pcs one with scoop) - the cylinder greenteQ SX has a safety function (on both sides). By using this solution you can open the insert when the key lies in the insert on the other side. The insert is equipped with six valves. In accordance with PN-EN 1303 is distinguished by the highest durability (confirmed 100 000 cycles of trial), high corrosion resistance (class C) and the highest degree of security key (class 6) with 100 000 key combinations and resistance to attack (class 1 ) with  protection against drilling (each set contains 3 pcs keys).   


  • we produce doors in any dimension,
  • leaf thickness - 68 mm or 88 mm