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Windows 68 and 88 Euro

Inward opening tilt and turn windows are popular in most European countries.

Parameters of wooden windows - Softline DJ 68 or 88

Wood: pine, meranti, oak - glued in three (68 mm) or four (88 mm) layers, grade I,

Fittings: fittings ROTO NT with an increased corrosion protection with two hooks and bolts installed in the  tilted windows panels with the ventilation function. There is a possibility of using additional features such as: anti-mishandling, graded tilt, fitting burglar W1 or W2.

Glass: single-chamber package combined with a thickness of 24 mm argon filled with heat transfer coefficient  U=1,1 W/m2K. The applicability of safety glass, burglar P2 and P4, ornamental, etc.

Silicone: colourless, white and brown,

Paints: waterborne azure and opaque SIKKENS, applied using hydrodynamic technique.

Handles: ROTO Secustic in several colours to choose from.

Seal: Q-lon foam by Schlegel.

Drip: Thermo- drip and aluminium protective strip by ALURON in white, brown or optional in any RAL colour.

Warranty: 5 years